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Replicate a Campaign in Mailchimp
Copy a previous email campaign so you don't need to redo a complete email to send.
Keeping Mailchimp Emails Private from Google
Stop the search engines indexing your emails stored on Mailchimp's website after you send them.
Move or Copy Subscribers in Lists
Moving or copying subscribers between lists in Mailchimp
From RSS Feed to Email Automatically
Take the RSS from your blog and automatically send it out to your subscribers with Mailchimp.
Using a Basic Mailchimp Email Template
How to choose and use a basic email template in Mailchimp.
Using the Drag n Drop Template Editor
How to use the Drag and Drop email template editor.
Reviewing A Mailchimp Campaign Report
Reviewing your first Mailchimp campaign results report.
Sending Your First Email Campaign
How to send your first bulk email campaign from Mailchimp.
HTML Subscription Forms in Mailchimp
Getting the HTLM subscription form code from Mailchimp for your website.
Basic Web Form in Mailchimp
Building a basic web subscription form in Mailchimp.
Manually Subscribe To A List
How to manually subscribe a person to a Mailchimp list.
Unsubscribing People From a List
How to unsubscribe someone from your mailchimp list.
Importing Subscribers to Mailchimp
Learn how to import a csv or list of subscriber emails into your list.
Adding a New List
How to start a new email subscriber list in Mailchimp
Using The Mailchimp Dashboard
Learning how to use and setup the Mailchimp dashboard.
Signing Up For Mailchimp
Getting started by signing up to Mailchimp and creating your account.