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  • Signing Up to Pinterest
    Getting started with Pinterest by signing up for a new Account.
    Adding Boards to Pinterest
    Adding New boards to Pinterest to collect Pins.
    Adding a Cover Image to a Facebook Page
    How to adding a Cover Image to Your Business Facebook Page.
    Comment as Facebook Page
    Making comments on others status updates as your Facebook page.
  • Finishing Your Pinterest Signup
    Complete the Pinterest signup process.
    Verify Your Pinterest Email
    Verify the Email Address you registered with Pinterest.
    Adding Your First Pin
    How to Pin your First image to your Pinterest Boards.
    Find Friends on Pinterest
    How to Locate and connect with Friends on Pinterest.
  • Editing Slideshare Notifications
    Stop Slideshare from sending you emails every time that something new happens to your account.
    Completing Your Slideshare Profile
    Fill in your personal profile so that you promote your business and files more successfully.
    Verify Your Slideshare Account
    How to check your email and verify your Slideshare account.
    Signing Up to Slideshare
    Sign up for your first account at Slideshare and start sharing your Powerpoints and files.