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Updating Wordpress to Keep it Secure
Making sure that you update your Wordpress site to keep the software & plugins secure.
Uploading Files PDF Audio Video to Wordpress
Uploading different file types to link to in your Wordpress site - PDFs, WAV, MP3, DOC, Etc.
Add a Contact Form to Wordpress
How to insert a customised contact form using the Contact Form 7 plugin on your pages.
Backup Your Wordpress Site
Upload a backup plugin to Wordpress that mails you the database.
Create A New Homepage for your Wordpress Blog
Build a specific homepage to direct all visitors to when they come to your blog.
Setting Static Homepage of your Wordpress Site
Choosing a page to be the home page of your website.
Change Wordpress URL to WWW.
Changing your wordpress domain from http://youdomain.com to http://www.yourdomain.com
Add a New User to a Wordpress Site
Adding new users to your site with their own username and login.
Deleting a Useless Plugin from Wordpress
Steps to removing a Wordpress plugin that you no longer need.
Delete a Wordpress Post or Page
How to delete a Wordpress post or page from your website.
Remove Unwanted Spam Comments from Wordpress
Delete comments from your Wordpress blog and trash them.
Uploading a Premium Plugin to Wordpress
Installing a premium or bought plugin by uploading from your desktop.
Stop Comments on your Wordpress Blog
Stop unwanted comments on your Wordpress blog and stop spamming.
Adding & Customising a Menu in Wordpress
How to add a customised menu and move items around in Wordpress.
Add a New Plugin to a Wordpress Site
Installing a new Wordpress plugin to add function to your website.
Adding An Image to Wordpress Post or Page
How to add an image of your choosing to your Wordpress posts or pages.
Choosing a New Wordpress Theme
Adding a new theme to your Wordpress site to change the look.
Setting Wordpress Permalinks for Better URLS
How to set the permalinks in Wordpress to get SEO page URLs.
Writing Your First Blog Post in Wordpress
How to write your first blog post and put it into a category.
Inputting New Categories to Wordpress
Ordering your blog posts by adding new categories.
Adding a New Page to Wordpress
How to add a new page to your Wordpress site.
Logging into Wordpress the First Time
Where to login to Wordpress to use the Administration features.
Installing Wordpress on your Hosting
How to install Worpress using the cpanel onto your own hosting.
Accessing Wordpress via Cpanel
Where to find Wordpress to install it on your own hosting.
What is Wordpress All About?
What is the difference between Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org?